The Road to ISACA 50
Follow along as we gear up for our 50th anniversary in 2019 and help us count down to the future!

By: Dario Sarlo | June 18, 2018

Conducting research for the upcoming 50th anniversary involves sorting through boxes, envelopes and piles of paperwork to unearth all types of previously forgotten materials. So far, we’ve discovered photos, newsletters, journals and documents from as far afield as Los Angeles, Canada and Australia. Add your own photos, documents and other digital items to ISACA’s historical archives through the website’s Get Involved page.

ISACA headquarters files, late 2017

By: Dario Sarlo | May 28, 2018

Technology changes always elicit questions. In 1986, The EDP Auditor Journal asked whether EDP auditors would be extinct by the year 2000. Thirty-two years later, ISACA continues to prove auditors’ value and relevance.

The EDP Auditor Journal, Volume III, 1986

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By: Dario Sarlo | May 21, 2018

Cover designs may have come a long way over the years, but ISACA has stayed focused on sharing relevant information with its members, as seen in this collection of EDP Auditor issues. ISACA’s publication archive traces technology news from the 1970s to the present.

The EDP Auditor, 1978

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By: Dario Sarlo | March 20, 2018

The year 2000 (Y2K), also known as the “millennium bug,” prompted well-founded concerns in enterprises around the globe.

“For Year 2000 projects, everything is negotiable, except the deadline,” wrote ISACA, which guided enterprises through numerous programs and three publications: An Executive’s Guide to the Year 2000, Year 2000 Management Assessment Guide and Contingency Planning for the Year 2000.

Due in part to ISACA education (not to mention tens of billions of dollars in computer repairs and upgrades), the clock turned to 1 January 2000 without major problems in computer systems around the globe.

"An Executive’s Guide to the Year 2000: What You Need to Know About Your Computer Systems and How to Ensure They Will Survive," written by Robert G. Parker, ISACA past president.

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By: Dario Sarlo | February 01, 2018

This was the headline emblazoned across the organization’s EDP Auditor Update during the summer of 1982. The announcement celebrated the purchase of an IBM Datamaster for the administrative office, with the goal of computerizing many previously manual tasks.

EDP Auditor Update, July-August 1982, Vol. VII, No. 4, 1.

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